Why track tenant

Satisfied tenants are profitable tenants. Research shows that there is a strong connection between how satisfied a tenant is and how loyal they are, how they talk about their landlord, and their price sensitivity. By using the American Tenant Satisfaction Barometer (ATSB) you find out how satisfied your tenants are, and what you can improve to make them more loyal, more positive when talking about you, and more amenable to your needs at the next renegotiation.

Strategic Value

By using ATSB you get the big picture for your property portfolio. No matter what your long-term strategy is for each building, major project, or entire portfolio, a good customer survey is an important part of the toolbox and ensures that you are on the right path.

Operational Value

No matter how close you and your colleagues are to your tenants, it is impossible to know exactly what they think about the different parts of your delivery at all times. Leasing commercial premises is becoming an increasingly complex service, and the ATSB gives you an important operational correction. The ATSB is an open survey where you have full access to all your tenants’ answers.

Our Scandinavian SISTER SurveyS 

The ATSB have three Scandinavian sister surveys, the Norwegian Tenant Satisfaction Index, the Swedish Real Estate Barometer and the Danish Tenant Index, wokring with a large number of the leading landlords in Northern Europe. Combined, they annually survey and analyze several tens of millions of square feet of rental space in some of most professional CRE markets in the world.

Current results

Gjennomsnittlig leietakertilfredshet i Norge og Sverige 2011-2018

Average Customer Satisfaction for commercial real estate tenants in Norway and Sweden in the 2010s.

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